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Using Powershell to do discovery

One of the things I really like about OpsMgr is the ability for it to manage script files from the management pack all the way to the managed node.  This is commonly done with VBscript for things like discovery and … Continue reading

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Process monitoring for multiple instance services

Several products, such as SQL Server, allow for multiple instances of services.  It often not easy to determine exactly which Windows service created which process in taskmgr or perfmon, especially if the process name is dynamically created at start-time.   … Continue reading

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Carriage return in Operations Manager 2007 Alerts

I hit this several times and decided to start my blog with something simple.  I hope to get a full post of my database-table log-reader posted soon.   To insert a carriage return in an alert in an OpsMgr07 alert, … Continue reading

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