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I have a strange liking for this quite obscure and convoluted capability of OpsMgr. The GroupCalc provider is actually a database query, so it’s not a coincidence that the syntax can be mapped to SQL.  The SQL syntax below is … Continue reading

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Passing a script variable to a missing event monitor

In response to an interesting post on the Authoring newsgroup, I played around with passing a PropertyBag property as a behavioral, rather than data parameter of a module.  It worked, but was distasteful to the Authoring Console’s datatype validation. The … Continue reading

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XML Schemas

This information is here so I can find it.  There’s a ton of XML schema info out there, but it’s always a crap shoot what order it will come up in the search engines, so I’m posting it here FOR … Continue reading

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Events from other machines

When OpsMgr rules look at events in the event log, they only look at events logged with the local machine name.  If the event is logged from a remote machine, or from a virtual node in a cluster, this entry … Continue reading

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