Scheduled Monitoring

Seeing as this was asked on the newsgroups three times in less than two weeks, and seeing as I slapped together an MP for the first case that could apply to the others, I thought I should post it.

The trick is to set up a custom MonitorType that uses a scheduler to create the regular interval (e.g. "every 60 seconds"), use a scheduler filter to ensure that the data source module only collects information on certain days of the week at certain times (M-F 6am-7pm), then go through the normal MonitorType components (Data Source, Condition Detections, State results) and create a monitor that uses the custom monitor type.

See the MP linked below.


Update:  Daniele Grandini wrote a great article about this here.

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2 Responses to Scheduled Monitoring

  1. Boris says:

    The download link is not available for me, I could not download the MP

  2. Mike says:

    email me sentryboy at hotmail and I\’ll email it to you.

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